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Personal Experiance

Having been in the maintenance industry for many years, I actually began my career  at the age of 10. By persuading my father to upgrade our rotary push mower into a self propelled gas mower, I spent the entire summer and those that followed mowing grass for local realtors. This experience paved the way for my love of helping others and taught me responsibility. I not only stand for quality,  commitment, and honesty; but you can rest assured that my work will speak for itself. I started this company to specialize in household maintenance. Because of my work ethic and commitment, I have been able to expand our list of services and I am proud that I can offer welding, moving, landscaping and even pest control. I owe my success to customers like you. Without you I wouldn’t  have the opportunity to strengthen the skills that I love so much.

Areas of Expertise

Problem Solving

My job is to make your problems go away. I have been problem solving on a daily basis since I was 13. I taught myself computer programing and web design around this time and had to overcome all of my programing mistakes on my own since I didn’t have a mentor. This opened the door to a world of possabilities for me.

Industry Leading Training

I have completed 400 hours of maintenance and repair training to date. I continue to further my education on a daily basis. I am a firm believer that an unused muscle can do nothing but become weak.

EPA 608 Universal


I currently hold an EPA 608 Universal certificate allowing me to service HVAC equipment safely, responsibly and legally.

US Department of Labor


I completed an apprenticeship for Industrial Maintenance Technician.

Maintenance Technologies, Dupont Training Courses


I continue to complete training courses on a daily basis to ensure that even with the swift changes this industry can make, I am always out front.

Practical Knowledge, On the Job Training


I have done everything from working for a moving company to working sanitation in a USDA inspected facility. From building custom sheds, to electrical troubleshooting on $500k Thermoforming food packaging machines.

General Studies, Donegal High School


General high school curriculum.

Electrical 90%
Mechanical 90%
Plumbing 80%

Father – I am a father of three amazing boys. This is more a passion or addiction than a hobby, It is by far my favorite thing in life.

Electronics Hobbyist – In my spare time I enjoy tearing apart Plasma televisions and repairing them. I have most of the necessary equipment for circuit level troubleshooting. I find the concentration required invigorating.

Pyrotechnics – I enjoy creating large colorful shells to brighten the night sky.

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