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Have been preforming home repair and maintenance for years, we can fulfill most repair requests. In the event there is a service you require not listed on our services page, simply send us a message and we will discuss your options. If we are unable to assist you with your project, we will honestly admit the fact upfront. When you choose Schober Repair Services, you can expect unsurpassed customer service and unparalleled commitment.

Estimates serve a number of different functions in the construction industry. The reason for estimating is to provide the most realistic prediction possible of time and cost at any given stage in a project. Over the life of a project the estimator should be able to produce a series of estimates, from an early estimate at beginning, to the final account, in which the increasing accuracy of the estimate is reflected in the decreasing extent of risk and uncertainty. All estimates take the form of base estimates, plus allowances for uncertainties and specific contingencies as required.

Unless otherwise specified by Schober Repair Services in the estimate, an estimate is not a firm or fixed price quotation. It is an estimate of the likely minimum cost of the Services, based on the information made available to Schober Repair Services. Schober Repair Services final price will be calculated on the basis specified in the estimate, if any, or if none, in accordance with Schober Repair Services Schedule of Rates applicable at the time the Services are carried out and may be increased above (but not reduced below) the specified price. Furthermore, Schober Repair Services reserves the right to increase the price before carrying out the Services by an amount equivalent to any increase to Schober Repair Services in the cost of relevant materials, labor, equipment hire or transport since the date upon which Schober Repair Services estimate, written, emailed or oral, was given, save that if this would increase the estimated price by more than 10%, the Customer may cancel the Contract provided it does so before the Services are begun, any relevant materials are ordered or any relevant equipment is hired.

Schober Repair Services undertakes to repair or make good any defect in completed work which appears within six months of completion of the same to the extent that such defect arises from a breach of Schober Repair Services obligations under the Contract and provided that details of the defect are notified by the Customer to Schober Repair Services in writing with such period that Schober Repair Services and its insurers are given the opportunity of inspecting the work and the alleged defect. This undertaking shall only apply to work carried out and completed and invoiced by Schober Repair Services and which is paid for by the Customer by the due date for payment ascertained in accordance with paragraph 6 in Terms & Conditions. If Schober Repair Services returns to the site at the Customers request to review a claim under this undertaking and it transpires that the defect had not arisen as a result of a breach on the part of Schober Repair Services, Schober Repair Services reserves the right not to carry out any work under this guarantee where the Customer cannot evidence that the work originally carried out and completed by Schober Repair Services or where payment has not been made in full for such work. Exclusions are :

  • Parts and materials will be provided only with the benefit of the manufacturer’s / supplier’s guarantee and are not guaranteed by Schober Repair Services
  • Systems or structures not installed by Schober Repair Services
  • Any recall arising from circumstances or factors known to the Customer but not notified or disclosed to Schober Repair Services prior to the work having been undertaken.
  • Defects resulting from misuse, willful act, or faulty workmanship by the Customer or anyone working for or under the direction of the Customer (other than Schober Repair Services)
  • Structural defects encompassing but not limited to subsidence and its resultant effect
  • Damage to drainage systems caused by root penetration or any other outside force
  • Any roofing work where Schober Repair Services advises that the overall condition of the roof is poor and is in need of more extensive work and the work undertaken involves less than 20% of the area of the roof
  • Any work to repair an existing lock, or to fit any lock not supplied by Schober Repair Services

In circumstances where Schober Repair Services is unable to offer a guarantee Schober Repair Services will notify the Customer before any work is carried out.

Absolutely! We encourage all homeowners to learn the basics of maintaining their home. If you want to watch what is done, We will even explain what we are doing along the way.

Exceptions are :

  • While repairing electrical systems – Due to the potential safety hazards, We ask that if We are preforming a repair on your electrical systems, to stay a minimum of 15 feet from the area of service.
  • While working from a ladder – For safety reasons, We must ask that any time we are preforming a service that involves a ladder, that you stay a minimum of 10 feet from the area of service. Although all effort is made to prevent things from falling, it can happen.
  • While preforming any service where we feel your safety may be at risk. Safety is a major priority to Schober Repair Services and we will inform you of the risks, and ask you to step away from the area of service.

Making It Simple

At Schober Repair Services you are first; our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by fully understanding your projects. On every project we focus on understanding your needs and the unique factors of the project. We then adapt our work to your specific project requirements and provide you with the best project at a reasonable value. All you need to do is explain to us what your desires are, and we will handle the rest.

Quality Workmanship

We set high standards for our work. We are consistently delivering performance that meets or exceeds those standards. Our reputation is built on this quality level and we will accept nothing less. This is one of the ways we can deliver exceptional service value to you: Great work at very competitive prices.


Empathy, openness, honesty and understanding means Schober Repair Services is more than just a service company.

It’s a way of seeing the world, a vision that defines everything we do, from the way we look at problems to the way we go about solving them.

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